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Tom Smith is Senior Partner at Alexanders 


As a local enthusiastic independent company we know that it is imperative to advise our clients on the complete house selling process. In a market where internet based marketing is paramount to generate an initial enquiry, we believe there has never been a more important time to consider the presentation of the property before that important launch! As always first impressions are so important to a potential buyers decision making process.  


Listed below are the most important points to consider when readying your home for the market: 


1. Overall Kerb Appeal: Many prospective purchasers will drive past your home before troubling the agent to arrange a viewing. If the property looks untidy this could be a chance lost. Therefore it is essential that windows are cleaned, paintwork is wiped down, pathways and driveways are swept and the garden is tidied. 


2. Parking/Driveway: If parking is on the street, it is absolutely sensible to try and make space for your prospective buyer to park outside the front of the house. As the agent, we will ensure in this instance that we park away from the property. Driveways should be well presented and cars sensibly parked to give a true reflection on the amount of parking/driveway space on offer. It can also be a good idea to park your vehicle in the garage. 


 3. The Front Door: An inviting front door leading from a well tended path/driveway makes a much stronger impression than wheelie bins and weeds in the driveway! 


4. The Welcome: When we introduce purchasers at your doorstep, a welcoming smile and handshake will go a long way in making them feel welcome into what could be their new home. If the weather is cold then light the fire or get the central heating on to give a warm, homely feeling. 


5. Internal Living Spaces: Attention to detail is all important when presenting an interior for photography or viewings. In our opinion buyers still value a proper home so ‘de-personalising’ isn’t always a positive thing, however ‘de-cluttering’ almost certainly is! On an initial meeting we always advise honestly the best way to show and dress individual rooms when discussing the market that we are aiming your home at. 


6. The Garden and Garage: Often home to toys, spare paint and old projects, it is worth tidying the garage so that a viewer can at least stand in and appreciate the space on offer in any outbuildings, garages or sheds that are included in the sale. Once again weeding and cleaning patios, re-staining the fences and feeding the lawn can all improve the quality of marketing photography, and keeping on top of the beds and mowing any lawns will make a garden look cared for. With space more and more at a premium, buyers are looking to gardens to provide extra living space in dry weather, and a beautiful garden has always been a pre-requisite for many buyers. 


7. Viewing Presentation: An extra cleaning effort can feel like hard work, but we qualify prospective purchasers to ensure that only serious parties view your home. A buyer will usually see through some minor updating in areas if the rooms are liveable, however ensuring that your home is spotlessly clean with no lingering odours will set you apart from the competition. If selling in the winter period, ensure that all areas in the house are heated and lit before viewings. Light and space are a critical factor in purchasers decisions! 


8. Be prepared for viewers to look everywhere!: Especially on a second viewing, buyers will more than likely want to see inside storage spaces, airing cupboards, wardrobes and maybe even in the loft. Also ensure that the central heating system is maintained, clean and accessible. 


There are also often areas that homeowners spend money where it isn’t needed before offering their property to the market. We would be delighted to make a suitable time to arrange a visit to come and expertly advise you on the most efficient way of readying your home to market to achieve the best possible price. We pride ourselves on our honest advice and expert negotiation skills. 



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